About Us 

We are a specialised tuition centre that prepares students for History examination from various examination boards. All our 
tutors are certified school teachers, who have many years of teaching experience in History (Inquiry Approach). 

We adopt the F.L.O.W Teaching Methodology to help students gain confidence and master their History examination.

 F         ocus on examination requirements and skills

 L          earn to conduct historical inquiry

 O         pen door to deep understanding and application

 W      inner's attitude to seek success

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Local Examination: Singapore –Cambridge GCE O Level Elective History

Examination Format 

Section A: Source-Based Questions [one compulsory question]  

Section B: Structured-Essay Questions [two questions choose one]

Syllabus Document                                                         Jan 2015 intake is now open!


International Examination: Cambridge/Edexcel International Examination Board IGCSE/O Level History

Paper 1: Section A – Core Content AND Section B – Depth Studies

Paper 2: Section A (19th Century) OR  Section A (20th Century) – Source-Based Questions

Syllabus Document                                                         Jan 2015 intake is now open! 


International Examination: Cambridge International Examination Board A Level History

A Level : Component 1 (Document question), Component 2 (Outline study), Component 2 (Interpretations question) and Component 4 (Depth Study)